The Importance of Health and Social Services

social-servicesThe importance of health and social services within Western society cannot be overstated. While the majority of us like to think of ourselves as self-sufficient, not needing help from others, there are many who cannot live without some form of assistance.

This assistance can come in many forms. From services as simple as transportation for the disabled and elderly to the relocation of single-parent families. Mental health is also high on the community assistance list these days, with many people struggling to live any semblance of a normal life due to factors that are beyond their control.

Job Opportunities In Social Services

Being that so many people are in need of assistance in our day and age it goes without saying that there are many job and career opportunities available within the social services sector. No matter how difficult some people’s lives may become they are usually willing to help others out. Especially if it creates a means of income for them.

From social workers to receptionists to intake personnel, the options are endless for jobs in health and social services. Many colleges now offers short-term, yet in-depth courses for introducing those interested to this field of community assistance. Many courses are subsidized and/or offer financial assistance for student loans, bursaries and grants, providing much in the way of help to interested parties.

Community Assistance Equates To Healthier Societies

One could never understate the importance of health and social services within our communities. We wouldn’t have the healthy, vibrant societies we currently do if they weren’t available. If we take a look at countries that offer little to nothing in this regard the effects are quite evident. Lifespans drop significantly, crime is rampant and people aren’t able to reach their full potentials as productive members of society.

Volunteers Are Priceless

If you have noticed a significant need to help those who require assistance within your community it may be time to offer yourself as a volunteer. Paid employees are certainly great benefit, but they always need help with their case loads. Besides, one never knows when a volunteer position could end up as a rewarding, income creating career.

Welcome to Dehcho Health and Social Services

In 1994, the GNWT consolidated the Department of Health and Department of Social Services into one – Department of Health and Social Services. At that time, Mackenzie Regional Health and Social Services were administering the Health and Social Services system, in the Dehcho Region.

As part of the Government’s overall initiative to have communities take responsibility for its own services, Dehcho Health and Social Services Board was incorporated May 1997. The GNWT has delegated the responsibility for administration of Health and Social Services in the Dehcho Region through a Memorandum of Agreement between the GNWT Department of Health and Social Services, and Dehcho Health and Social Services Board.

This new Board was responsible for setting the direction for Health and Social Services, to the nine communities, in the Dehcho Region:

Fort Liard
Fort Simpson
Fort Providence
Trout Lake
Nahanni Butte
Jean Marie River
Hay River Reserve


In June 2002, Deh Cho Health and Social Services Board officially changed their name to Dehcho Health and Social Services Authority. Currently the name Board creates considerable confusion. The Board employees are not Board Trustees. An Authority consists of a Board of Trustees, and staff. The change in name from Board to Authority also reflects the change in role, and is consistent with other community forums. This change reflects the role of the Authority as an operating Authority with administrative and delivery responsibilities.